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  • Airing Errors: Fallout from Failure
    Quotes Courtesy of Jeff McLane’s article on Wentz’s turbulent season The only thing more certain than Jeffrey Lurie avoiding the word “rebuilding” is a Jeff McLane article with a ton of leaks on the back of the firing of a head coach.  He has a ton of nuggets this year, many of them from the previous regime’s coaching staff, so let’s take a moment to discuss the legitimacy of the criticisms directed at Carson Wentz. Roseman, owner Jeffrey Lurie, and other Eagles leaders, however, treated Wentz as if he had won that championship. They allowed him too much say in the draft, free agency, and coaching decisions. And while he played a large role in getting to the title game, and to the postseason the next two years, he has only six playoff snaps in five years to his name. It was always possible the Eagles Super Bowl triumph would produce an inferiority complex in their franchise QB. Coming off the back of an MVP-calibre season, cruelly cut short by [… read more]
  • Refusing the clues – run game review
    The Eagles’ season ended in typically tragic fashion. Bursting out to two scores on their opening two drives, the offense failed to find the endzone again over the course of the game. Facing the worst run defense in the league, the coaching staff conspired to create a strong gameplan to exploit the Cowboys’ weakness, before completing neglecting the run game as they started to fall behind. Having a mobile quarterback under centre assisted the rushing attack. It wasn’t just zone reads either, but quarterback options on power concepts that helped establish the line of scrimmage. In total, the offense gained 29 yards and a touchdown on 4 called counters. Twice the Eagles used the inverted veer, a play made popular in the NFL by Cam Newton when he was destroying the league under Rod Chudzinski. Unlike the inside zone read, the line blocks for the quarterback keep, with the option to handoff if the backside end cheats down. Hurts made a poor decision to handoff on one of these calls, [… read more]
  • Pocket movers, not shifty shakers
    No offseason overviews saw the defensive line as a need for the Eagles. Especially not on the interior, where the front already had the significant investments of Malik Jackson and Fletcher Cox. Yet, knowing Howie’s history, and Schwartz’s scheme, surely it shouldn’t have been such a surprise. The Birds have added an interior defensive lineman every year since Schwartz was sacked from Soldier field. Timmy Jernigan, Michael Bennett and Malik Jackson were all recruited for the singular purpose of sacks. The Eagles’ even front deploys four defensive lineman at all times, they want to take every opportunity to maximise their potential for pressure. Hargrave won’t be sitting on the bench either. Schwartz has consistently rotated on the interior throughout his tenure as the defense’s head honcho. Truthfully, having Cox and Jackson on base downs is a bit of a luxury, and Timmy Jernigan’s non-football injury scuppered any chance of securing that position for the future. Hargave is great value [… read more]

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