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  • Fixing the Franchise: Free Agency edition
    Current cap space = – $43 million Departures Trades TE Zach Ertz – 6th round pick (cap savings $ 4.7 million) Ertz’s departure seems inevitable. After emerging as one of the most efficient tightends in the league over the previous three seasons, 2020 saw a significant decline. More significant than the compensation, shifting his $8 million cap number off the books will go some way to getting the Eagles back in the black. Although he never emerged as the explosive playmaker his potential indicated was possible, impressive route running and hands elevated him to the top tier bracket of tightends. Dallas Goedert is far less consistent, but the Eagles have no choice but to opt for cheaper alternatives all over the roster. CB Darius Slay – 5th round pick (cap savings $12.5 million post June 1st) Trading away the only viable starting corner on the roster doesn’t seem smart, but Slay’s cost and declining performance make it a reasonable decision with rebuilding the primary aim in 2021. [… read more]
  • Sirianni: Strategy & Solutions
    After scouring far and wide, the Eagles settled on Sirianni as the organisation’s next head coach. Picking from the Frank Reich coaching tree suggests the top brass are fully committed to rejuvenating their ailing franchise quarterback. Sirianni will likely bring back many concepts that made the 2017 offense so successful. Although he didn’t call the plays for the Colts, reviewing their 2020 film suggests Sirianni is an innovative, adaptable coach. If last season is anything to go by, we’ll see a coach who excels at gameplanning around opponents, and a number of familiar concepts returning to the play-sheet. Returning favourites Multiple elements merged together to form an explosive offense in the Super Bowl season. The versatility and disguise created a dominant ground attack. The TE trap, counters and handback punch were three of the most productive concepts called by Pederson during that season. They all but disappeared in favour of a vanilla zone runs in 2020. In contrast, the [… read more]
  • Airing Errors: Fallout from Failure
    Quotes Courtesy of Jeff McLane’s article on Wentz’s turbulent season The only thing more certain than Jeffrey Lurie avoiding the word “rebuilding” is a Jeff McLane article with a ton of leaks on the back of the firing of a head coach.  He has a ton of nuggets this year, many of them from the previous regime’s coaching staff, so let’s take a moment to discuss the legitimacy of the criticisms directed at Carson Wentz. Roseman, owner Jeffrey Lurie, and other Eagles leaders, however, treated Wentz as if he had won that championship. They allowed him too much say in the draft, free agency, and coaching decisions. And while he played a large role in getting to the title game, and to the postseason the next two years, he has only six playoff snaps in five years to his name. It was always possible the Eagles Super Bowl triumph would produce an inferiority complex in their franchise QB. Coming off the back of an MVP-calibre season, cruelly cut short by [… read more]

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