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  • Post game reaction – Eagles 20 @ Falcons 24
    The past two seasons have seen narrow, low-scoring victories over Atlanta in the playoffs. The Eagles failed to keep the streak going on Sunday primetime, falling just short of another fourth-quarter comeback. Jim Schwartz briefly turned into a mad scientist at the height of insanity, calling exotic all-out blitzes compulsively. It almost worked. Schwartz had all the antidotes to the Falcons’ offense until a wide screen to Julio Jones finally broke the second-half shackles. On the offensive side of the ball, the complete loss of the first-team receiving corps to injury predictably hampered production, but the unit showed enough resilience to take a late lead.   Offensive gameplan It’s a little difficult to tell the offensive gameplan because Doug Pederson was forced to use 11 personnel almost exclusively after Dallas Goedert went down. Gone almost entirely were the outside zone runs to Sproles from last week (probably wise considering Atlanta’s speed at the second and third [… read more]
  • Week 1 Postgame Reaction: WAS 27 @ 32 PHI
    It wasn’t pretty but the Eagles got it done. An early divisional loss at home would have been a terrifying start for a team with such lofty aspirations. Desean Jackson should help the team reach those heights, he certainly blew the top off Washington’s coverage consistently. For much of the first half though, the offensive gameplan was overly conservative, while nothing Jim Schwartz called came off. However, the coaches once again adjusted effectively at halftime, running rapid repairs to pull off the victory. Here’s how it looked like they got it done.   Offensive adjustments There’s a school of thought – perhaps one of those absurd ones which involves the kids running the school – that the Eagles slow play their running game. The frequency of lateral runs in the first half was galling, failing to generate positive yardage consistently. Washington have a solid interior, so perhaps, it was tailored to the Eagles’ opponent, but perimeter runs to Sproles simply weren’t working. [… read more]
  • Three predictions for 2019
    Jax attack is back The Chip Kelly regime arguably never recovered from the DeSean Jackson fiasco. It was a nightmare of epic proportions. While the organisation protected and retained the ineffective Riley Cooper, despite video evidence of his major misdemeanour, they tried to spin Jackson as a gangster. Jackson always felt a good fit in Philadelphia, and you can bet he has a chip on his shoulder over the incident that led to his departure. During his original stint in Philadelphia, Jackson terrorised divisional opponents. The Miracle at the Meadowlands Part II not withstanding, D-Jax consistently produced his best against rivals. In his final year as an Eagle, Jackson recorded 32 catches for 430 yards and two touchdowns in six games against divisional opponents. For all Carson Wentz’s qualities, he’s not always accurate throwing deep. Jackson’s deep-speed, combined with his ability to adjust to inaccurate passes down the field, should increase the explosiveness of the Eagles offense. [… read more]

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